A true commitment to English Education

Are you passionate about English education?


AtoZ prides itself on hiring and training the best teachers in Japan. We are looking for people to join our team and help us to make Nagano prefecture the best prefecture in Japan for English education. If you are someone who wishes to contribute to the local community and who wants to make a difference in studentʼs lives then we want to hear from you!


At AtoZ, we are striving to make Nagano prefecture the most globalized place in all of Japan. To excel in our ever globalizing world, children now require leadership and communication abilities that transcend cultural differences. We understand that English education goals at the public school level may differ from school to school but our aim is to always support individual needs and hopes, for the future of our children, and for the future of Japan.

What is an ALT?

An ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) in general is an assistant to the language teacher in the public school system. Some ALTs are asked to take lead roles in the class. Others assist through the use of effective communicative activities geared to using the language by giving it a purpose and adding context. Positions are full-time for Senior High, Junior High, Elementary, or Nursery School posts; Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00 – 17:00 (approximately).


At AtoZ, we work as a team. We believe in giving our teachers as much support as we can so that they can concentrate on what is important; their classes and their students. To do this we have a system where each municipality has Area Coordinators who work as a link between the company and our teachers, as well as being a link between the teachers and their schools and the Board of Education.

To apply

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